Why Tim Yarrow Nutrition Coaching

cnv00020-2I’ve been there!

I’d been pretty active until my late 20s. I worked in a gym and completed a Sports Science and Nutrition Diploma and played rugby and did all the things which went hand in hand with the lifestyle of ‘eat, play, drink, repeat’. Then rugby ended and the eating and drinking continued. I was eating too much of the wrong food, drinking too much and not doing much exercise at all.  Occasionally I’d put some trainers on, run as far as I could (which wasn’t far) then get completely out of breath. I’d be sore for days, which would put me off doing it again so I’d think ‘sod that’ and have a beer.

In my mid 30s I prolapsed two discs, which left me barely able to move. Three years and three operations later I saw a picture of myself and my big fat belly, grinning in a party hat, in my hospital bed over Christmas.  It made me feel sick. That was my ‘penny drop’ moment. I decided I had to do something about it and stop wasting my life.

At the age of 38, I set my self a target and took control of the things I could control – what I lifted, how far I ran and what I ate.

It was a slow journey, I was working it out as I went along and so made plenty of mistakes, including taking things a little too seriously and taking the pleasure out of the process of exercise and eating.  Importantly I became accountable for what I was doing, I educated myself by constantly reading and picking my Personal Trainer friends’ brains and I started apply some real science and some balance to what I was doing.

At 40, I stood on a bodybuilding stage and won the Harrogate ‘Seniors’ competition. At 43, just five years after my last operation, I completed the Barcelona Ironman (2.4mile Swim, 112mile Bike and 26.2mile Run) in 10:41:59.  The sense of achievement was immense!

My wife calls me a nerd and I’ll happily talk about the nutrition content of our lunch. I am now continuing to build on my education including a Nutrition programme by Matt Lovell (Nutritionist the England Rugby Union Team).

I know what it means to take control and I can help you to become a stronger, leaner and healthier version of you, in a way that works for you and becomes second nature.


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