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R5 AMINOS is a scientific cutting edge blend of aminos, minerals and vitamins designed to assist you perform at your maximum. Today’s great performance starts with yesterday’s full recovery.

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Each amino acid in the R5 AMINOS blend has been selected for its potential effect on assisting with supporting and increasing natural levels of Growth Hormone Release. These specific amino acids are also individually responsible for other functions, such as protein synthesis, rapid tissue rebuilding, gut support, collagen remodeling, blood flow and glutathione support.

In addition to the unique combination of amino acids, a key blend of minerals has been selected to assist in serotonin production, to optimize testosterone release and also to support other antioxidant enzyme systems in the body during sleep. This cutting edge combination formula synergistically supports the natural healing and innate rejuvenative bodily processes like no other currently available product.

Perform at your best. With R5 Aminos! Wholesome, Natural, Pure and Potent.
No Chemicals. No Preservatives. No Dyes. No Artificial Sweeteners.

As with any nutritional supplementation or exercise regime, please first consult with your medical care specialist. Do not use this product if you are allergic, suffer from any conditions, are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. If any untoward reactions occur, discontinue use immediately and contact your medical care specialist.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Store opened container in a cool, dark space.

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Recovery is Vital

Performance gains are made during the recovery process. When training we damage our body and our ability to recover is the difference between getting fitter and stronger or becoming run down and injured.

R5 Aminos help you recover- fast

Combining amino acids that repair and regenerate muscle and collagen, with the calming effects of enhanced sleep and reduced inflammation to speed recovery.

R5 Aminos work

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