Amber R5 Aminos

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An adaptogen and b-vitamin mix aimed at hormonal control and anti-anxiety.
A high dosed B-vitamin and adaptogen blend aimed at providing energy and balance. With gram doses of Siberian ginseng, maca and ashwaganda powerful herbs with great stress moderating qualities. Flavanoid rich cacoa and cocoa extract are combined with a completely natural and artificial sweetener and flavour free. The addition of 5HTP helps with serotonin production. Glycine and baobab support, iron levels (list iron content per serving or 100g) Along with a Pre-biotic inulin and probiotic rich powder.
Body, mind and spirit balancing formula
Helps adaptation and stress
Hormonal support
Aphrodisiac qualities
High flavonoid
Serotonin, relaxation and sleep aid

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