Mindfullness and Your ‘WHY’

There is a phrase being chucked around at the moment in the health and fitness industry – to be mindful.

What actually does it mean and really does it make a difference to nutrition? Quite literally it means to think about things, and yes it does make a difference, especially when it comes to nutrition and goes hand in hand with another buzz phrase ‘what is your why’.

Let me explain. Understanding your ‘why’ is important because it will make you focus on that end point and prevent or limit things which will prevent you reaching that goal. So, in a lot of people who want to loose weight, just loosing weight is not enough of a why.

Why do you want to loose weight, that is the more precise question. Do you want to walk up the stairs without being out of breath. Maybe you want to be healthier going into later life to prevent or delay the onset of the natural decline in our bodies. Do you want to perform an Ironman (very apt for me) or maybe it’s because you want to be confident going to the beach in your swimmers! What ever your ‘WHY’ is, its very individual and personal to you.

Defining your why, dials in your head and then the mindful bit comes into play. Before you eat that chocolate cake, stop and think ‘Is this bit of cake going to help me get closer to my goal?’ Am I getting the biggest bang for my buck with what I’m about to eat? Is it packed with nutrients which will make me perform better, recover quicker or feel altogether a better version of me?

If the answer is no then plain and simply, don’t eat it and make a better choice.

Ultimately,  you are in control of what you put in your mouth and how hard you train. Sorry to be blunt but that’s the truth.





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