Weight Loss – where to start!

Weight loss can be such a minefield.

So in the blink of an eye, all the Christmas and New Year madness has passed us by and for a lot of people they are left feeling tired, lethargic, overweight and looking at a perceived mountain to climb as far as weight loss goes.

The thing is, we are human and it’s only right to relax once in a while and enjoy the company of friends and family and indulge a little. The key is not to overdo it. That goes year round not just over the festive season.

However, we are here at the start of January and the ‘New Year New You’ phrase is being chucked about yet again. But BE CAREFUL! Too many people are looking for that magic bullet which will sort everything out for them and it is easy to become the target of a lot of BS which is out there, including EATING WAY TOO LITTLE! If you want to ‘nerd out’ a bit check out this:


Also, at this time of year we are bombarded from all angles with products which will help you lose weight. Whilst there are some very good products which can help, I can’t stress enough the need to get your daily nutrition on track consistently for LONG TERM SUSTAINABLE results.

Only then will you feel more energised, sleep better and start making improvements to weight loss and general health which you can stick to. And trust me, its takes time to get it right for you.

Send me an email at tim@yarrow-nutrition.coach and let me help you sort the BS from fact so you can start taking control of your food, feeling better, more energised and kick-ass! 🙂






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