The Yo-Yo Effect

yo yo energy levels

I recently had a consultation with a client who I believe is a bit on the extreme side of misunderstanding on a healthy nutrition plan, however a lot of people fall into similar pitfalls.

Her breakfast comprised of ‘Cheerios’ with low fat milk and a banana. Then through the morning (because snacking is bad isn’t it!!?), she would have energy dips so 3 coffees would do the trick.

Then lunch is a chicken or cheese wrap and 5 pieces of fruit. In the afternoon it would be 2 more coffees or a tea and then before gym training as fatigue had really hit in, a RedBull!

Of course a post training protein shake and then a relatively balanced evening meal of chicken or fish and veggies or salad.

An initial look at this may appear pretty balanced however it is very carbohydrate dominant through the day and will cause the classic peaks and troughs of energy resulting in the need for a quick stimulant fix (and that’s worth its own blog)

Now I am not anti carb in any way. What I am anti is the quality and timing of them.


What that means is having a much more protein and FAT(Yep, I said it, fat!!) balanced approach through the day which will satisfy hunger and stabilise energy levels throughout the day. Then carbs are brought into play later in the day from good vegetable/oat/fruit sources.

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