SLEEEEEEEEEP! Start your day firing on all cylinders

Sleept effects on welbeing

I can’t overestimate the importance of this one for everyday wellbeing.

So many people are sleep deprived and have horrendous sleep patterns as a result. Poor memory, decision making, concentration, recovery and fat loss are just some of the things which are affected by poor sleep and with some small lifestyle changes, it can be a relatively quick thing to start improving.

It’s about trying to get back in sync with what’s called the ‘Circadian rhythm’. Simply put, this is the body’s natural cycle it goes through in a 24hr period and there are clear patterns of brain activity, hormone production, cell regeneration as well as other biological activities which are critical for our wellbeing.

We need to get into some better pre-bed habits which should include:

  • Limiting caffeine and stimulants to earlier in the day.
  • Switch off the TV and all light emitting devices 30 mins prior to bed and leave the social media alone until tomorrow. Believe it or not watching edgy programs before bed can even have a negative impact!
  • Do some meditation or just relax and contemplate the day – this is your ‘unwind’ time. Write things down so you don’t stress about remembering them.
  • Make sure the room is comfortable so you don’t overheat or get cold through the night.
  • Try to make the room as dark as possible. This could even mean wearing a blackout mask.

These simple steps are designed to get your body prepped for recovery and with not too much effort make quite drastic improvements on sleep #firingonallcylinders!!

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  1. Colin on 26th July 2016 at 8:06 pm

    Hi Tim,
    A nice quick read that everyone can get some great tips from. I definitely agree with switching off all light emitting devices. I might also add that a bedtime routine is a great way to start preparing the body and mind to slow down so that you can get a more restful sleep.

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